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  • ice protection system
  • de-icing
  • anti-icing
  • leading edge protection
  • heating system

Since 30 years, Villinger R&D serves a constantly growing number of international customers with high-end heating and ice protection systems for various applications. Villinger’s unique heating technology, utilizing our own semi-conductive coatings, has established in major industries such as Aviation and Automotive, as a basis for new products and systems that are far beyond state of the art.

Villinger R&D has developed proprietary, elastic, semi-conductive polymers that can be applied as an ultra-thin coating (< 0,2mm thickness) to a variety of (metallic and composite) surfaces and components, yielding a full face heater layer with a surface density of approximately 150 g/m2 or less. The coating is heated electrically, using either AC or DC voltage, and has a positive temperature coefficient (PTC), so that the coating is temperature self-controlling and will not experience damaging “hot spots” which often occur in traditional resistive heaters.

Markus Villinger, CEO and founder of Villinger R&D, is involved in the development of innovative systems for the Aviation industry since 1974. Since 2013 Villinger R&D is also active in the Wind Energy sector, developing new anti.-/de.icing systems for wind turbines.

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