NRGSync Holding GmbH

  • NRGSync Holding GmbH
  • Joseph-Haydn Weg 3
    71126 Gäufelden
  • + 49 (0)7032 - 2297008

NRGSync Holding GmbH manufactures products to reduce the overall Co2 balance. She has specialized in wind and water products and is promoting the CO2 reduction in Germany with around 40 million tons over the next 10 years. The core activities of NRGSync Holding GmbH are the initiation, development and installation of comprehensive projects for the reduction of Co2, the generation of energy for storage or self-use and / or feeding it into the public grid. The installation of infrastructure solutions to create decentralized hydrogen solutions, such as the implementation of decentralized charging stations for electric mobility.

In addition, we equip and install our emission converters in the international sector.

Emerging countries can produce decentralized energy completely independently. From the desert to the jungle, all areas of application can be equipped with our products.

Rich industrialized countries reduce high amounts of Co2 with our emission converters and at the same time ensure enormous energy surpluses that can be used profitably.

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