J. Müller Stahl + Projekt Terminal GmbH & Co. KG.

  • J. Müller Stahl + Projekt
    Terminal GmbH & Co. KG.
  • Nordstraße 2
    26919 Brake / Unterweser
  • +49 (0)4401 / 914 - 0
  • +49 (0)4401 / 914 - 109
  • info@jmueller.de
  • Windpower logistics
  • Seaport
  • Terminal operator
  • Offshore
  • Stevedoring

J. Müller Stahl + Projekt GmbH & Co KG (JM SPT) pertains to the J. Müller Group of Companies, a medium-sized Company Group, founded and operated by the Müller Family since 1821. The J. Müller Group operates the Seaport of Brake as well as a Terminal in Bremen.

In the Seaport of Brake JM SPT has obtained a strong competence through the handling of Onshore Windpower Components since 2003. JM SPT has developed into a service provider for a great variety of logistic services, which can be adjusted to the processes of the clients, and that are not limited to Seaport of Brake.

Since August, 2009 JM SPT operates the new Terminal "Niedersachsenkai", specialising in the field of Break Bulk and Project Cargoes. Heavy lifts of up to 440 to have been handled here already. One of its major features is its uninterrupted storage and logistics area of currently 100.000 m², which is going to be extended to 300.000 m². The Quay can be reached easily with over dimensional and heavy lift cargo, as there is no need for High Water Protection separating the Quay from the Terminal. On the Quay itself, heavy lifts operations of up to 930 to piece weight were simulated successfully.

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