TIKKURILA GrafoTherm coating

TIKKURILA GrafoTherm coating against condensation prevents the accumulation of condensate by an enlargement of the surface and thus ensures a rapid evaporation of the water to the surrounding air. The surface enlargement provides a clean and dry surface. Goods, products and equipment are protected against condensation and dripping water.

TIKKURILA GrafoTherm coating against condensation is in addition a passive corrosion protection for steel structures, because the surface is kept dry. Maintenance intervals can thus be extended by many times. For mineral substrates, TIKKURILA GrafoTherm regulates disposal of moisture to the surface, which enables the ground to dry faster. GrafoTherm is MED certified (MED-B-8648) and complies with the requirements of EN 13501-1, class A2-s1d0.

Areas of application: TIKKURILA GrafoTherm is suitable for all insulated and uninsulated surfaces. It acts as a thermal insulation for pipes, tanks, ceilings and walls made of steel, aluminum, concrete, wood and many other materials.

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