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IPMS - Ice prevention for greater safety and higher energy yields

Ice prevention system with network camera and humidity/temperature measurement transmitter

Benefit from a high-efficiency ice detection system for your wind turbine with the ground-breaking IPMS. The system detects the risk of frost at an early stage, preventing elevated levels of ice on the rotor blades. That helps you minimize extended production downtime, risks to people and buildings, as well as material fatigue.

The IPMS ice detection system is an advanced development based on the EE33 humidity/temperature measurement system which has already proven itself in wind turbines. The heating system integrated in the measurement cells allows ambient conditions which can lead to ice formation to be detected earlier. That enables the wind turbine to react appropriately – either via manual intervention by the operator or automatically. In addition to this, a remote-controlled camera both permits visual checks, e.g. for initial icing or damage to the rotor blades and gives an overview of the entire turbine site. Day and night.

Whether retrofitted or integrated during wind turbine assembly in the manufacturer’s plant: IPMS monitors the weather conditions based on multiple parameters. The integrated sensor system detects the risk of ice formation with high precision at the installation site and triggers a warning immediately: “Ice!” is sent via e-mail including a report. The owner or operator can then visually inspect the turbine via smartphone or computer using the air-conditioned network camera connected on-site – at any time of the day or night. He can deactivate the wind turbine immediately, or have it stopped automatically based on a pre-defined alarm level. As soon as safe operation appears possible again, a message to this effect is sent. The wind turbine can be restarted, e.g. after another remote camera visual inspection.

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