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Schaltbau snap-action switches

Schaltbau snap-action switches at Neumayer III Antarctic station
S870 Series snap-action switch has successfully been implemented at Neumayer III, the German research station of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research that went into operation in February 2009. A 30kW wind turbine contributes to an environment-friendly supply of power.

Schaltbau S870 Series snap-action switches are mounted on the brakes that are supposed to stop the turbine blades and bring them to a standstill for maintenance purposes. Three snap-action switches are implemented in the braking system: One for “wear”, another one for “aired” and a third one for indicating when the applied braking effort has reached its maximum. The brake has been tested for temperatures down to -40° C. NeumayerIII is the first research station built above the snow surface. With 100 containers, the platform integrates research, operational and accommodation facilities.

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