Transport Control International GmbH

  • Datalogger for transport monitoring
  • shock recording
  • vibration measurement
  • GPS tracking
  • transport damaging

The company Transport Control International GmbH ( a member of the Schwiering Group) is since foundation in 1995 a professional partner and consultant for prevention and reduction of transport damages. This is our daily business and everyday our clients are offering us new challenges to solve theire problems. In transit, in use or in storage of sensitive products, technical components and industrial parts it is quite necessary to monitor if the carrier keep the handling instructions clients are requiring.

Our company "Transport Control International GmbH" provides products to deter mishandling and to reduce damage related costs by indicating when fragile products have been exposed to a potentially damaging event during transit and storage. This contains impact indicators, tilt indicators, temperature indicators and electronic dataloggers to monitor and to record the handling of fragile goods.

A key element in the success of a damage prevention program is the support provided by us for the implementation of the products mentioned above. Used in conjunction with the devices themselves, these customizable tools reinforce proper handling procedures and aids in changing the behavior of material handlers.


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