Tikkurila GmbH

  • corrosion protection
  • condensation protection
  • interior coatings
  • functional coatings

The German branch of the Finnish paint company Tikkurila is located in Ansbach, a Franconian town close to Nuremberg. Nearly 50 employees are employed at the local sales and production site.

The today's Tikkurila GmbH was founded as a family business under the name Piller & Grau KG in 1934. By reason of a missing successor the family business was sold to the Swedish paint manufacturer Alcro Beckers in 1996. Due to globalization of markets Alcro Beckers AB and thus also the German subsidiary became part of the Finnish Tikkurila group in 2001.

Today Tikkurila GmbH with its brands Pigrol, Kulba and Tikkurila is operative in Germany and provides both consumers and professional users with high-quality paint and coating products. With a portfolio of functional coatings of the 2014 acquired Swedish company Drytech Tikkurila also offers solutions for condensation and corrosion problems to the wind farm industry.


    TIKKURILA GrafoTherm coating

    TIKKURILA GrafoTherm coating against condensation prevents the accumulation of condensate by an enlargement of the surface and thus ensures a rapid evaporation of the water to the surrounding air. The surface enlargement provides a clean and dry surface. Goods, products and equipment... [Artículo completo]

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